The famous Lassithi Plateau is located about 20 km from Alexander Beach Hotel & Village Resort. It is a beautiful, fertile plateau surrounded by the peaks of Dikti mountains, at an altitude of 800-850 m. When you visit Lassithi Plateau you can drive on the circular route that connects the 18 villages of the plateau, that retain their traditional character and Cretan architecture.

The most famous trademark of the plateau is the windmills that used to fill the whole plain. Today you see some of them restored, but also you will see the beautiful stone windmills at the entrance of the Lassithi Plateau. Other important sights of the area are the Monastery of Kroustalenia (16th Century), the Monastery of Vidiani, and of course the Cave of Psychro, also known as Dikteon Andron, which according to the local mythology, is the birthplace of Zeus. You can also drive to the Limnakaro plateau, or the Katharo plateau, if you want to explore the area, or you can try traditional Cretan dishes at the villages’ taverns. During the summer you can attend the local traditional festivities, like the “Potato Festival” at Tzermiado village.



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